Gone Stargazing.
Im Jin Ah | Nana - imnana-xx@hotmail.com
Gone with the wind.

It's been a beautiful journey, y'know? And I'll be back. Someday. Wait for me.

I wish everyone happiness. I love you. Every last one of you. Some of you know where to find me. Some of you don't. But one day, I'll see you all again, after a tiny break. You can read the reason on the mobile Tumblr site ver of this page.

Hyuna, Saja, I'm still waiting for you both, after weeks and months. You know where to find me.

"For some, communication is everything; it's part of their living, part of their essence. The quintessential 'party pony'. What happens when you... cut that away from them? Remove their voice, remove their inspiration, and they lose who they are inside. Destroy their identity and you destroy their spirit. What they fear is the loss of themselves because communication is a two way link... break that link and they drown in their own despair as they shout and scream to be heard...

...and no one hears them."

Im Jin Ah, darkness to your light, shadow to your sun, out.